Model # 32124

Cloud Free Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Cloud Free Glass and Mirror Cleaner

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No streaking, smearing, hazing or residue. Just spotless glass and mirrors.

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Model # 32124


Cloud Free® Glass & Mirror Cleaner is a versatile, extra strength product perfect for your toughest glass cleaning jobs. Windows, glass, windshields, mirrors, and more are easily cleaned of dirt, grease, oil, smudges, fingerprints, lipstick, and other stubborn deposits. It's safe on most plastics and synthetics and is a great computer screen cleaner. It even cleans nicotine and insects when used on cars and is safe on window and windshield tinting, since there's no ammonia. No streaking, smearing, hazing or residue! It has a special, soft \"Any Which Way\" sprayer that lets you spray from any direction. And this foam won't run when sprayed on!

Water (7732-18-5, diluent), Butane (106-97-8, propellant), Propoxypropanol (1569-01-3, solubilizer), Ethanol (64-17-5, solubilizer), Propane (74-98-6, propellant), Morpholine (110-91-8, builder), Isopropanolamine (78-96-6, builder), Isopropanol (67-63-0, solubilizer), Decyl Glucoside (68515-73-1, cleaning agent)


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