Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I solve for an orange POD indicator light?
Remove the canister and replace your POD Refill. The inlet valve may have been backfilled with debris or there might be a clog in the vacuum.

What is direct suction?
The direct suction design of Oreck's upright bagged vacuums delivers dirt in a straight, efficient path right to the vacuum bag. It's a streamlined design that works beautifully with a smaller motor — and one reason why Oreck uprights are so lightweight.

When to change your bag?
It depends on usage. We recommend unzipping the outer bag periodically and checking the inner bag. When feeling the bag, check if debris is at the max fill line, if at max full, remove the bag and replace.

How does the direct suction design contribute to the light weight of Oreck upright vacuums?
Oreck's upright bagged vacuums incorporate a "dirty air system" in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum. The smaller motor drives this fan, as well as the rollerbrush. Because these smaller motors (viable because of the direct suction design), sit closer to the floor they provide efficient suction and are able to spin the roller brush incredibly fast. So with Oreck's direct suction design you get a vacuum that's both powerful and lightweight.

What is the Saniseal® system?
Oreck's Saniseal® system is engineered to automatically seal shut and lock in the dirt when you are removing a full filter bag from the vacuum. Because the Saniseal is part of the cardboard collar of the disposable bag it seals the bag when the bag is removed from the bag dock. The dust and dirt that you've vacuumed up cannot escape. What's in the bag leaves your home for good!

Why is the Endurolife® Belt a desired feature on Oreck upright vacuums?
The belt on a vacuum cleaner helps to maintain the speed of the revolving brush and is very important for the effective operation of the cleaner. If the belt becomes stretched or cut, it will cause the revolving brush to stop completely or slow down. That's why Oreck upright vacuums are equipped with the Endurolife® Belt, which is designed for long life and doesn't need changing.

Do Oreck stores service all makes and models?
Yes, we do! Oreck's trained technicians repair ALL makes and models of vacuums, not just Oreck vacuums. With 50 years in the business, we know vacuums inside and out. So bring us your Dyson, Bissell, Hoover, Electrolux and of course, your Oreck. We'll have your vacuum working like new in no time!

How do you determine what is wrong with a vacuum, prior to repairing it?
Oreck offers a FREE 16-point inspection that includes inspecting the following:

  • Cord/handle
  • Inner bag
  • Outer bag
  • Plug in/power on
  • Is bag inflating?
  • Check lights
  • Listen (troubleshoot sounds)
  • Tilt/check roller brush
  • Base plate
  • Microsweep
  • Wheels
  • Side brushes
  • Roller brush
  • Fan housing
  • Filter
  • Hose

Why are annual tune-ups necessary? What do they involve?
Just like your car, your vacuum needs a periodic tune-up to operate at peak performance. Oreck's trained technicians will inspect and clean your vacuum inside and out. The kind of tune-up offered with a product warranty will also include inspection of the roller brush and electrical connections, cleaning of the roller brush, housing, base plate, motor shaft, outer bag and bag dock, and replacement of worn or damaged seals, belt and inner bag. We try to give the vacuum back to you as close to new as we can!

What does a 9-point tune-up include?

  • Replace worn or damaged seals
  • Check the drive belt
  • Replace inner bag
  • Check roller brush bearings
  • Clean roller brush
  • Polish commutator (motor shaft)
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Clean housing and base plate
  • Clean inside of outer bag and bag dock


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Air Purifiers

Why do you need to clean the air?
According to the EPA, the air inside your home may be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. So every time you close the door to your home, you're sealing yourself in with airborne dust, allergens, pet dander, smoke, VOCs and other odors. These particles are so microscopic and lightweight that they can remain suspended in the air for hours. You've got to move the air to clean the air — and that's where air purifiers come in. Air purifiers are designed to move the air, draw it through their filters and capture those particles from the air passing through the filter.

Why is moving the air in a room necessary to the air purification process?
An Oreck air purifier works by filtering out particles from the air that passes through its filter system. But to do that it has to first bring the air into the unit. The fan pulls the polluted air into the unit and through its filters. What happens next depends on the type of filter the air purifier uses.

HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particles from the air passing through the filter, preventing them from moving through to the other side. HEPA filters will eventually capture so many particles (depending on usage and environment) that their efficiency is compromised — and they will have to be replaced. Permanent filters, also known as electrostatic precipitators (or EP filters), are composed of a series metal plates and wires. Particles from the air are positively charged as they enter the cell wires and then are attracted to negatively charged plates (much like a magnet) where they stick until cleaned off. Whatever the type of air purifier and filter used, note that all the air in a room may not pass through the filter.

What are VOCs (volatile organic compounds)?
Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemical fumes such as paint smells and off-gases from new rugs and furniture, and aerosol vapors and odors from cleaning supplies.

What are the differences between air purifiers that use Truman Cell®" technology and those that use HEPA filtration?
Oreck offers its customers a full line of air purifiers that use either Truman Cell technology or True HEPA filters. Oreck's patented Truman Cell is a permanent EP filter that captures pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke and allergens from the air that passes through its filter, pulling them out of the air like a magnet. HEPA air purifiers use HEPA filters which are high density paper mats composed of randomly arranged fibers and pleated in a "V" pattern. The mat is bonded onto a sturdy base, forming the core of the filter. Particles are captured on one side of the filter which prohibits them from moving through to the other side.

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Steam Mops

How does steam clean?
It's very simple, really. Dirt and grime have adhesive qualities that enable them to stick onto all types of surfaces. The heat of the steam melts the adhesive and the dampness of the steam dilutes the adhesive. A wipe with the attached microfiber pad quickly clears the dirt or grime away. Steam cleaning provides deep penetrating cleaning ability without the use of chemical additives.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?
Steam is a natural source using just clean water to create a powerful cleaning force. The absence of potentially harmful and expensive chemicals makes it an extremely easy, safe and cost effective way to clean your home. Steam leaves no toxic residues on surfaces and won't stain clothing.*

When sanitizing steps are taken (focusing the steam for a specific amount of time, per that particular steam mop's instructions) steam cleaning can help reduce bacteria. Oreck's Steam-It, VersaVac and Grab-It & Steam-It produce temperatures hot enough to reduce bacteria such as e-coli and staph and clean grease and oil. These Oreck steam products can all sanitize hard floor surfaces. (Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results will vary based on product used and the surface to be cleaned.)

How do Oreck's steam machines work?
Oreck's steam machines create a low-moisture vapor that carries heat to the surface you wish to clean. The heat combined with light agitation does the work for you.

Do they require chemical additives?
No. The wonderful thing about steam cleaning technology is that only water is used for incredible cleaning results.

Can I use regular tap water in my Oreck steam products?
Regular tap water can be used; however, if the water in your area is considered "hard," mineral deposits can be left inside the steam mop's tank. Mineral deposits built up over time will limit the amount of steam that can be released. Malfunction caused by mineral build-up is not covered under warranty. For this reason we suggest using filtered or even distilled water.

The Oreck Grab-It & Steam-It comes with a hard water filter. Depending on hard water conditions and/or use frequency, the filter should be replaced every 6 months.

What can you use Oreck steam machines on?
All of our steam machines, Steam-Glide, Steam-It and Grab-it & Steam-It, are perfect for use on most hard floor surfaces — including marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum and sealed hardwood. They are also designed to freshen carpets and upholstery. Steam-It, with its multiple attachments and unique design that prevents spillage, can also be used for "above the floor" cleaning such as kitchen counters, bathroom tile and grout, appliances and more.

Is there anything that shouldn't be cleaned with Oreck steam machines?
We recommend NOT using our steam machines on fine silks, delicate materials such as velour, some very thin plastics, laminates, unsealed hardwood, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity. If ever in doubt, test a small hidden area before beginning extensive cleaning.

Where does the water go?
The water is heated in a heat chamber where it changes it into a hot "dry" mist or vapor. This system produces a low-moisture, high-temperature vapor that carries only a small percentage of water. This "dry" steam vapor uses little water; therefore little water is left behind. The surfaces that you steam clean are dry within minutes.

What is "Dry" Steam?
An oxymoron? Perhaps. This describes a system that produces a high temperature, low moisture vapor. *Not for use on fine silks, velour, very thin plastics, unsealed hardwood, laminates, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity.


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POD Cordless Vacuums

How do I solve for an orange POD indicator light?
Remove the canister and replace your POD Refill. The inlet valve may have been backfilled with debris or there might be a clog in the vacuum.

How much do the POD refills cost?
A pack of 5 POD refills is $15. To purchase, please visit here.

How do you know when the POD refill is full?
When it’s time to replace your POD refill, the POD indicator light will flash RED on the display screen of the vacuum. A premature red ‘POD’ indication may flash on your device before the POD is completely full due to intake of powdery substances such as baby powder, dry wall dust, baking soda, or the like. If red ‘POD’ indication continues to flash, please replace your refill.

How often do you change the POD refills?
Replacing a POD refill is clean and easy! Many factors, such as the size of your home, type of flooring, frequency of vacuuming, and the number of people and pets that live in your home, determine how frequently the POD needs to be changed. Typically people replace their POD between one and three months.

How do I register my Oreck Cordless Vacuum with POD Technology?
Visit the registration page here to register your product.

How much does the Oreck Cordless Vacuum with POD Technology weigh?
As our lightest vacuum available– it weighs only 3.2 lbs with the crevice tool and 5.6 lbs with the floor nozzle and wand.