Guestwork: 3 Effortless Things to Make Overnight Guests Feel Right at Home

Guestwork: 3 Effortless Things to Make Overnight Guests Feel Right at Home

Clean living room with Oreck air purifier

Hospitality is pretty simple. A homemade meal, a clean bed, and some friendly company. Having overnight guests shouldn’t be stressful on the host or hostess, in fact, "guest fatigue" is a real thing if the co-mingling chemistry or conversation spoils over the weekend. You have made your home to suit your needs and preferences, so when others stay in your space, it can be a painful dance to watch them stumble through your kitchen or be embarrassed to ask upfront where to find the extra toilet paper. Hosting doesn’t have to be a master class in hospitality either, and if you make a few adjustments and even employ the discreet cleaning power of an air purifier like this one, guests are bound to enjoy their time and your added thoughtfulness. Here’s a life lesson in avoiding awkward moments, but also having a memorable and mindful set up that keeps guests wanting to come for an encore visit.


Time to take the guest-work out of overnight stays, and show off your stylish home at the same time with these effortless touches:

Hotel Touches at Home


The best offense as an aspiring superhost is to be an advocate for the obvious. Artfully and unapologetically display the basics- towels, toiletries, snacks. Their biggest flex should be choosing what kind of trail mix they might be in the mood for, rather than finding courage in asking you to feed them. Use clear glass containers for snacks like pistachios or fruit for an instant level up from simply pointing to the pantry. Stacking bar soap in an open container is both pleasing to the eye and creates a welcoming first impression when entering their hotel away from home. When it feels like a bed and breakfast, your guests are guaranteed to sing your praises for future visits. 

Serve Yourself


A coffee order can be as unique and complicated your guests themselves. Before you promote yourself from bomb breakfast maker to barista, here’s a helpful trick that eliminates the middle man. Beverage stations are a genius thing in this case. Simply centralize essentials near the coffee maker you already have on hand. Stock this common area with sugar, stevia, spoons, and creamer options- these items are an early morning reflex for guests. We think displaying beverage extras in labeled containers and arranging them on an easy to locate, stylish tray is a good way to gain hostess points. If your guests lean in the way of independence they will thank you for making their first-thing caffeine fix an easy and enjoyable self-serve. When everyone is properly caffeinated at their own pace, the phrase “life begins after coffee” really holds true for the rest of your visit. 

Air purifier next to office desk

Room to Breathe


Air purifiers are a must. Pet dander, allergies, dust. Pairing it with the hydration of a humidifier or simply investing in a powerful unit that is both quiet and effective is the ultimate hostess win. Sometimes even odors can be overwhelming for sensitive guests. When lighting a candle isn’t the smart solution, upgrade your guest room and common spaces with these air purifying products. The same HEPA filtration you trust and use in your pre-guest vacuum routine is present in these Oreck air purifiers. Reset and refresh the integrity of your indoor living space from lingering pet hair, dust particles or odor that may irritate or annoy the noses of those staying with you overnight. The best thing you can do for you and your guests is offer up a blank slate for fun, food and fresh air.


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